Product Description

Image is a cloud-hosted workforce management, payroll and customer billing software application designed from the ground up as a complete front-office to back-office solution for temporary labour providers.

The application includes functionality to manage customers, customer job sites, and employees/workers; create Work Orders for dispatching workers to job sites, assign workers to Work Orders, and create timesheets for those assigned workers.  When work is completed, worker/employee payroll payments can be processed daily (or any other other pay period frequency) and customer invoices generated from the completed Work Orders.

As an online web-based application, it can be easily and quickly deployed to any location or device with Internet connectivity running a modern, up-to-date web browser, including mobile devices.  

Download the Product Description brochure here.

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Easy Implementation
  • No client software installation required; a browser-based client interface allows for rapid deployment to large numbers of users in multiple branches.
  • No server software installation required; we provide fully-hosted and managed services using highly available and scalable Amazon AWS cloud servers and services.
Customized for Temporary Labour businesses
Payroll at the speed of light!
Automate common HR tasks
Full Accounts Receivable system