General Information

This section provides answers to the most general questions about webTOD - what it is and what it does
What is webTOD?
webTOD is a web-based Canadian Payroll Tax Deduction calculator. It can be used to calculate payroll tax deductions on all types of employment income, including regular salary & wages, pension income, bonuses, retroactive pay increases and commission income. Canadian payroll tax deductions include Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (IE) premiums, Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) premiums, and Federal and Provincial/Territorial Income Tax withholdings. PLEASE NOTE: webTOD WILL calculate Provincial Income Tax withholdings for the province of Quebec. Quebec administers its own income tax collection independant from the Canada Revenue Agency.
Why is it called webTOD?
Who can benefit from using webTOD?
Does webTOD cost anything to use?
Do I need to install webTOD on my computer to be able to use it?
What are the minimum system requirements to be able to use webTOD?
Do I need to register to use webTOD?
What version of webTOD should I use?
Who developed webTOD?
Is webTOD approved by the Canada Revenue Agency?
I think I found a bug! Who should I tell?

Using webTOD

This section provides answers to questions about using webTOD
How do I start the webTOD calculator program?
Point your web browser at www.webtod.ca, then click on the 'Start Calculator' link. The webTOD calculator screen should appear in a new browser window.
I clicked on the 'Start Calculator' link, but nothing happened - what's wrong?
What minimum information is required before I can calculate a payroll deduction?
The employee has a residence in one province but goes to work in another - which province do I use for the 'Province of Employment'?
How do I know what the employee's Federal TD1 - Total Claim Amount is?
How do I know what the employee's Provincial/Territorial TD1P - Total Claim Amount is?
The employee is under the age of 18 (or over the age of 69) - will webTOD still calculate a CPP deduction?
The employee is a shareholder of the employer - will webTOD still calculate an EI deduction?
I need to calculate payroll deductions on vacation pay that is being paid out to an employee - how do I use webTOD to do this?

webTOD Calculation Results - Statement of Employee Payroll Earnings & Deductions

When I click on the 'Calculate Deductions' button, nothing happens - what's the problem?
The problem may be that you have 'pop-up blocker' software installed, and this software is blocking the webTOD calculation results window from appearing. You may need to configure your pop-up blocker software to allow pop-ups for our web site so that the webTOD calculation results can be displayed. Most pop-up blocker software has configurable options for allowing pop-ups on user-selected sites.
Why does webTOD require me to enable 'pop-ups' for it to operate properly?
Can I add comments to the Statement of Employee Earnings and Deductions?
I need to add additional deductions to the Statement of Employee Earnings and Deductions - how can I do this?

webTOD versus PDOC

Why should I use webTOD instead of PDOC?
We think webTOD is much simpler to use than PDOC and provides a more comprehensive, intuitive and user-friendly interface.  webTOD includes functionality for some taxable deductions and credits that are not included in PDOC, including the credit for purchases of labour-sponsored fund units.  And, if you are an employer in Québec, webTOD includes calculations of required payroll withholding deductions for remittance to Revenu Québec.  PDOC only calculates required payroll withholding deductions to be remitted to CRA.

webTOD mailing list

Users of webTOD can subscribe to the webTOD email list to keep up-to-date on all webTOD developments, including new versions, bug fixes, and important CRA announcements affecting payroll calculations. To subscribe to the webTOD email list, click here.
What information will I receive when I subscribe to the webTOD email list?
webTOD email list subscribers will receive emails informing them of each update to the webTOD application, including new year and mid-year updates corresponding to CRA's updated payroll deduction tables and calculation rules. Subscribers will also receive occasional emails with relevant news about Canadian payroll deductions, including new legislation and CRA administrative policies. On occasion, we may also send out tips on using webTOD and provide answers to frequently asked questions which don't already appear on this page.
How do I subscribe to the mailing list?
How do I un-subscribe from the mailing list?
Will my email address be given to anyone else?