What is PayCode?

PayCode Cash is a unique new payroll payment method developed for the temporary labour supply market, enabling employers to completely eliminate costly cheque payments to employees - even your un-banked employees - saving your company AND your employees time and money.  PayCode converts your cheque payments to electronic payments while providing your employees with easier, quicker and more convenient access to cash funds, eliminating a trip to the nearest bank ATM on payday.

Who uses PayCode?

PayCode works particularly well for un-banked daily-pay temporary labour employees, providing them with instant access to cash funds as an alternative to taking a cheque to a 3rd party cheque-cashing service.

In addition, PayCode can also be used to provide EFT Direct Deposit electronic payments to banked employees.  Employees with established bank accounts can opt-in to PayCode's Auto-Deposit service, providing them with instant access to any portion of their net pay as cash from the PayCode Kiosk/ATM, and automatically depositing the remaining balance of their net pay to their designated personal account with any Canadian financial institution.

How does PayCode Cash work?

PayCode places a secure Kiosk/ATM at the temporary labour branch location where your employees get paid.  Instead of issuing a cheque payment to your employees, PayCode Cash enables you to pay your employees their net pay as a cash payment dispensed from the on-site Kiosk/ATM.  

The PayCode Kiosk/ATM

PayCode Kiosk/ATM Photo

PayCode integrates with the payroll system to quickly and efficiently transfer funds via a secure electronic transaction from a pre-funded employer PayCode account to the PayCode account of the employee.  Each PayCode payroll payment generates a unique one-time use QR code (aka "PayCode") that is printed on the employee's payroll statement of earnings and deductions.  The employee can then simply scan the QR code at the PayCode Kiosk/ATM located at the branch, and instantly obtain cash funds for their net pay amount! 

Less time, Less cost, Real Value!

Imagine. No more printing and signing of cheques, no more telephone calls from 3rd party cheque-cashing services to confirm details of cheques issued to employees, no more monthly reconcilations of outstanding un-cleared cheques, no more stop payments on lost or stolen cheques, no more fighting with the bank over duplicate-paid cheques (e-Deposit + 3rd party cashed), no more costly and time-consuming 'positive-pay' cheque-clearing services required from your bank, no more ordering of costly pre-printed secure cheque stock, no more worrying about storing and securing access to pre-printed cheque stock, no more cheque fraud!

Canadian Payments Association Discussion Paper No. 3 - November 2015

...the cheque costs between $2.00 and $3.85 more in its journey through origination, administration, reconciliation, clearing and settlement... versus electronic payment.

Canadian Payments Association Discussion Paper No. 3 - November 2015 - The economic benefit of adopting the ISO 20022 payment message standard in Canada
Justin Fraser, President

PayCode has replaced 85% of our payroll cheque payments to employees within the first year of implementation, resulting in annual cost savings measured in the tens of thousands of dollars at a single branch location.

Justin Fraser, President Trades Labour Corporation

Download the PayCode Product Description brochure here.

Please contact us to arrange for an online demonstration of and the PayCode payroll cash payment system.


Easy Implementation
  • No client software installation required; PayCode is integrated with the payroll system as an available payment method.
  • No server software installation required; we provide fully-hosted and managed services using highly available and scalable Amazon AWS cloud servers and services.
  • Employee signup is simple and fast - employees complete and sign a simple form to opt into PayCode payments, one click to create a new PayCode account for an employee from your payroll system, then one click to pay them.
Customized for Temporary Labour businesses
Payroll at the speed of light!

PayCode customers are happy and satisfied employees!


PayCode® is a registered trademark of PayCode Canada Corporation.